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Oct 28, 2019 by Cheryl T

Incredible Day in the Moravian Wine CountryTripAdvisor review: Moravian wine trailsHelen was a fantastic source of knowledge for our day in the Moravian wine country. From the moment she picked us up to the end of our day, she provided history, context, and anecdotes about the area and the wines. This was a private tour for me and my husband and she handled all of the logistics - picked us up and dropped us off at our Airbnb in Brno and modified the activities to match our interests as we asked. There was also a nice balance between touring, driving, and tasting. Dress comfortably for walking through the parks and grounds. In addition to all the planned activities, we got an extra bonus stop in Vrbice. She knew a winemaker there and thought it would make a nice visit. We arrived a little early but she struck up a conversation with a local who generously agreed to show up his private cave. (The wine caves are all hand-dug out of sandstone and are passed down through family.) He has a day job and makes wines as a hobby. He shared how some folks don't know what to do after work but he always knows where he is going. He doesn't seel any wine to the public - just makes it for family & friends. Given the quantity in his cellar, they must drink a lot. :-) He let us try his burcak (young, first crush wine) which he pulled out with his wine thief. Then, he opened a bottle of his private wine to share with us. We also got to sample grapes direct from the vines. We also visited the small Brcko cellar. We liked the Portugal wine but loved the Frankova - new varietal for us. Moldy ceilings, old wooden barrels and coins stuck into the stone ceilings for good luck all add to the charm of these caves. We visited Lednice, Valtice, and Mikulov over the course of the day. Lednice has a beautiful castle, garden and grounds and includes fake ruins and a minaret for good measure. Valtice was home to the wine salon - one of the coolest experiences in wine tasting. For a flat (inexpensive) fee, you can taste as many or as much as you want of the top 100 vetted wines in the region. Pace yourself! Helen gave us great tips on how best to maximize our time and wine-tasting abilities here. We ended the day in the castle and old town of Mikulov relaxing over hot tea and coffee before the drive home. Overall, a wonderful (& educational) day. Not to be missed!


We contacted Helena asking her to show us the Moravia wine country. She planned a full and exciting day. Helena is the kind of person you feel you have known forever, like a childhood friend. She was excited to show the wine country and took an interest in what we wanted to see. She set up a tour for us in a chateau, was able to negotiate a better price in a wine cellar and took us through an exciting wine festival. Without her we would not have known where to go and what to see. We were exausted at the end, and certainly satisfied with the day. I would highly recommend Helena's services to anyone looking to go off the beaten path to learn about the Movaria region.

Mike and Diane W,  Saluki8088@sbcglobal.net 

May 2013

I just wanted to write and say what a great day we had visiting the local vineyards around Brno. All the lads were really impressed with the quality of the food and wine that was served up. I thought you put together a really excellent package for us which isn't an easy thing to organise from the UK. It was a nice blend and balance of education and drunkeness. I would whole heartedly recommend your services to anyone who fancies doing a wine tour in the Czech Republic.

I wish you and your team well. If I am back in Brno soon I will be sure to look you up.

All the best.

Matt Brooke.

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