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where I offer various wine-trails / trips in the Czech Republic, (YouTube)  mainly aroud BRNO, (here is a LINK to a 30 minute video on BRNO made by CZech American TV) the capital of the southern Moravia and therefore www.Moravian wine trails.  Together we can explore wine regions either foot or by bike, we can sample various Czech and Moravian wines, visit the local winemakers, attend some wine harvest festivals and enjoy the beautiful scenery dotted with various Chateaux and manor houses and palaces. 

Wine has been in the Czech lands as early as 2 BC when the Romans came to our territorry and the wine prooning knife has been found as a proof of their viticulture activities there. Emperor and king Charles IV had a French wife and it was him who introduced wine making industry and it has flourished since then. 

Wine regions in the Czech Republic
Wine regions in the Czech Republic

There are two wine regions in the whole Czech Republic - north of the Czech capital - Prague and the second is southern Moravia neighbouring Austria and Slovakia. The capital of Moravia is BRNO and these wine regions are only about 50 km south of BRNO. 

Great news for the wine lovers. The NEW YORK TIMES wrote in August 2016 an article about Moravian wine region, which we, the Czechs have known for centuries. 

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— Moravian wines —

CATEGORIES of WINE - very detailed info

including the approximate percentage of vineyard planting for each variety, are listed below:

White Grape Varieties 

Czech Name                   International Name                       Percentage of Vineyard Planting 

Müller-Thurgau               Müller-Thurgau                              11.2%
Veltlínské zelené            Grüner Veltliner                             11.0%
Ryzlink vlašský                Welschriesling                               8.5%
Ryzlink rýnský                 Riesling                                          7.0%
Sauvignon blanc             Sauvignon blanc                            5.0%
Rulandské bílé                Pinot blanc                                     5.0%
Chardonnay                    Chardonnay                                   4.0%
Rulandské šedé              Pinot gris                                        3.7%
Tramín červený               Gewürztraminer                             3.0%
Neuburské                      Neuburger                                     2.3%
Muškát moravský            Moravian Muscat                            1.8%
Veltlínské červené rané  Frühroter Veltliner                          1.7%
Irsai Oliver                      Irsai Oliver                                      0.4% 

Black Grape Varieties 

Czech Name                   International Name                        Percentage of Vineyard Planting 

Svatovavřinecké            Saint Laurent                                  9.0%
Frankovka                      Blaufränkisch                                 5.6%
Zweigeltrebe                 Zweigelt                                          4.7%
Rulandské modré          Pinot noir                                         4.0%
Modrý Portugal              Blauer Portugieser                           3.9%
Cabernet Sauvignon     Cabernet Sauvignon                         1.3%



Richly decorated folk costumes are worn during wine harvest festivals 



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